Robert Morrissey - Executive Photographer at Morrissey & Associates

As a professional commercial photographer over the last 25 years I have come to expect a lot out of any camera system I use. Adding the iPro lens kit to my iPhone has literally turned my iPhone into an amazing and diverse camera system. The Schneider iPro lenses give amazing clarity and depth to the photographic moments that I capture with my iPhone. The variety of the lenses have added to the diversity of shots I can take. The iPro lens system is the gateway to a future of photography that will be accepted by the masses faster than any anticipate. Great for travel, video, family photos and whatever else you point your iPhone at. I suggest to anyone to jump in now!

Omar Salazar - Professional Skateboarder

When it comes to being active and on the go the iPhone®/iPro Lens combo is perfect!

It's quick and easy to access and most importantly it's the glass that says it all. With the f isheye nothing beats iPro’s quality! Because life can be fast! So don't miss the shot, use iPro! I've tried them all & nothing beats it!

Joel Lipton - Professional Photographer

I have been using the iPro Lens System since it was introduced. It was great on my iPhone 4 and 4S. The Series II lenses on the iPhone 5 are nothing short of spectacular! The addition of the super wide and the macro lenses to the series gives me more versatility to get even more creative with stills and video on my iPhone.

Nate Bolt - Creator of 1197 Mobile Photography Conference

This thing is serious business for wide angle, and ultra wide-angle iPhone® shots. The case and locking mechanisms are well-engineered, and it's clearly a high-end accessory for iPhone® photos that lets you compose some pretty crazy shots.

Glyn Evans - Editor/ iPhoneography

The Schneider iPro is a high quality 3rd party iPhone® lens kit, that is a must for those who demand the best.That said, the optics are stunning...with the wide-angle's 86 degree field of view, compared to the iPhone®'s 62 degree, being particularly useful and versatile, especially if you shoot landscapes, interiors or street views, and is a lens that many would and could use all the time.

Nigel Alexander - Skateboard Videographer

The iPro Lens system is perfect for when you need to get a shot & you don't have time to set up your DSLR. It's the perfect tool for anyone who loves to shoot all the time but doesn't want to haul all of their camera gear around with them to every event. The Fisheye is as wide as any other HD Fisheye and looks fantastic.

Daniel McElderry - Action Sports Videographer

It’s like my iPhone® transformed into a Cellular DSLR! The iPro Lens kit is an amazing tool that goes with me everywhere. Like they say, "The best camera is the one that's with you," and in my case, it's usually my iPhone®. With the Fisheye Lens and Wide Angle I can get shots that would usually be impossible with an iPhone®. As an Action Sports Photographer & Videographer you need the ability to get close to your subject, these lenses let me do just that. I can create incredible images that I can instantly upload and email all from the palm of my hand.